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"Defending the Faith, with the sword of truth."

*Please be advised that Orthodox Sentinel monitors the use of it’s live stream and reserves the right to disconnect any user whose usage pattern indicates abuse or possible “stream ripping”. We are a volunteer ministry and the funds for our operation come from our volunteers and listeners. Bandwidth is expensive, and so, we humbly request that when you are listening to Orthodox Sentinel, that you are an active listener. Users which have remained connected for what we perceive to be an extended period of time, may be “kicked” from the stream, at which time you are welcome to reconnect. This policy to to protect the station from excessive costs due to wasted bandwidth. Thank you for your understanding. God bless you!

*Use of Winamp, or other stream ripping capable platforms is prohibited. Our systems are designed to detect stream ripping. Users who participate in stream ripping will be permanently blocked from accessing the station.

*If you would like to request access to our stream for continuous or extended streaming, please send a detailed request along with your IP address to our admin, or via our Facebook page.

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