"Defending the Faith,
with the Sword of Truth."

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Orthodox Sentinel Radio is fighting back against censorship of Orthodox Voices,
while remaining dedicated to equipping Orthodox Christians,
for the profound Spiritual Warfare of the 21st century.

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“Defending the Faith, with the Sword of Truth.” ™

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Selected & Featured Clergy:

Our mission is to seek out faithful teachers of the faith, bring their message to the world, and help prop up voices crying in the wilderness, especially if and when the earthly authorities attempt to silence them by banning them from their platforms.

“I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”
✠ The Holy Gospel according to Saint Luke 19:40

Disclaimer: The clergy selected to be featured on Orthodox Sentinel Radio, represent multiple canonical jurisdictions within the Orthodox Church.   Though we are of one Body, the statements, comments, opinions, etc. (public or private), of one selected speaker, do not necessarily represent the opinions, or the endorsement of said statements, of other clergy or their respective jurisdictions, that are featured on this platform.

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✠ Orthodox Sentinel Ministries, Inc. ✠
A registered non-profit organization in Texas, currently seeking tax-exempt status at the state and federal level

The Very Reverend,
Abbot Tryphon

All Merciful Savior Monastery
Vashon Island, WA

Monastery SiteAbbot Tryphon’s Blog

John Whiteford

St. Jonah
Orthodox Church
Spring, TX

Dean of the Southern Deanery
(Texas and Louisiana) of the Diocese of Chicago and Mid-America ROCOR.

Parish SiteBlogLudwell Orthodox Fellowship

Archpriest Seraphim Holland

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church
McKinney, TX

Saint Joseph the All-Comely
Prison Ministry (Serving TX prisons)

Orthodox Africa Mission

Parish WebsiteOrthodox Africa Mission

Archpriest Josiah Trenham, Ph.D.

Saint Andrew
Orthodox Church
Riverside, CA

Patristic NectarParish Site

Father Spyridon Bailey

St. Elisabeth’s Parish

Wallesey, England

Edifying Texts written by Father SpyridonFather Spyridon’s YouTube Channel

Father Moses McPherson

Holy Mother of God
Orthodox Church

Georgetown, TX

Parish WebsiteFr. Moses’s PatreonYoutube Channel

Father John A. Peck

All Saint of North America
Orthodox Church

Youngtown, AZ

Fr. John Peck’s websiteParish WebsiteGreat Martyr Euphemia Orthodox Theological Academy

Father Turbo Qualls

St. Mary of Egypt
Orthodox Church

Kansas City, MO

Parish WebsiteYoutube Channel

Peter Heers

Lecturer of Dogmatic Theology at Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary

Orthodox EthosUncut Mountain Press

Father Moses Berry +Memory Eternal+

Theotokos “Unexpected Joy” Mission

Ashgrove, MO

Parish WebsiteFather Moses Berry’s WebsiteFellowship of Saint Moses the BlackAbout Saint Moses the Black

Father Nicholas Park

St. Nicholas
Orthodox Church

McKinney, TX

Parish Website

Regarding our Programming:

The programming featured on OSR consists of sermons, talks, and lectures from feasts throughout the church calendar year. Based on the positive feedback we have recieved from listeners,
there are no plans to modify this at this time.
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Abbot Tryphon: “The Living Word”

Present in all Places and Filling all Things As the Living Word, Christ condescended to become one of us, to take on the condition of our flesh in every way,[…]

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Abbot Tryphon: Divine Flame

The Divine Flame will Consume Us At the very first moment ​we​ decide to turn to God, our heart begins to be warmed by the action of the Holy Spirit. ​O​ur heart is[…]

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Abbot Tryphon: “The Offender”

When We Are the Offender We all have opportunities to bear the offenses and insults of others, occasions allowed by God to help us acquire the humility that everyone who[…]

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